Apple Music auf Android benutzten
Can Android use Apple Music?

Apple Music the Spotify of Apple. A music streaming service. Apple is known for their closed ecosystem. So, can Apple Music also be used on Android devices?

Use Apple Music on Android devices

The Apple Music app can be downloaded on Android smartphones or tablets running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later, or on Chromebooks that support Android apps. Simply search for “Apple Music” in the Google Play Store and install it.

Subscribe to Apple Music on Android

If you’re already a member, just sign in with your Apple ID. 1.

  1. Open the Apple Music app. 2.
  2. When you see an offer for a trial membership, tap Sign Up in the upper right corner. Alternatively, tap the More button and then tap “Sign Up.”
  3. Enter the same Apple ID and password that you use for Apple Music.

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