Can Android get viruses?

No viruses have yet been found for iOS, and the same is largely true for Android. Traditional viruses – usually defined as a malicious computer program that copies itself when executed – have not yet been found for mobile devices.

The possibility of your device being compromised by other types of malware or threats is much greater. Viruses are just one type of malware or malicious software.

How do viruses infect phones?

While it is unlikely that you will catch a phone virus, the risk of your phone getting infected with other types of malware is much higher.

  • Downloading apps to your phone
  • Downloading message attachments from an email or text message
  • Downloading content from the Internet to your phone
  • Connecting your phone to another device

Can a phone be infected with a virus by a malicious application?

Downloading a malicious app is the most common way for Android malware to get onto your phone. That is why it is best to download apps only from Google Play Store and not install apps directly from other sources.

Avoid downloading a malicious application to your phone

To avoid downloading a malicious app, it is advisable to do some research before downloading it:

Is the app popular?

Android has millions of users and apps often quickly reach a few thousand downloads, this is also the case with this app.

Is the app rated well?

Take the time to read an app’s reviews on the Google Play Store or App Store. Are they positive? Do they sound like they were written by a real user? Cybercriminals often publish short, fake reviews to trick you into downloading an app that contains malware.

Has the creator of the app published any other apps?

Real app developers often create more than one app. If this is the case, read the reviews of these apps as well. If not, be suspicious.

Protect your cell phone from viruses

If you want to protect your Android phone from viruses, you can install antivirus software. A good choice is the app from Bitdefender. It performs best in the test.


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